The Library Is In

Who’s at the library? Nurses, social workers, and health information specialists are helping patrons find information, and improve their wellbeing. From Library Journal.

Library nurses can have a tremendous impact… Daniel Lopez, RN “was referred to a patient who was suffering from urethral pain. The man—homeless, unemployed, and lacking health insurance—had received an indwelling catheter and leg bag at a local hospital. After consulting with the man, Daniel learned that the hospital had been aware of the patient’s diagnosis of metastatic prostate cancer but chose to turn him away.”

Lopez “addressed the patient’s basic needs, including helping him to find shelter in a transitional housing program. Shortly thereafter, the man was approved for housing, sold his vehicle, and moved into his new residence. Daniel also assisted him [in] navigat[ing] the complex health system, getting him an oncology appointment, which was covered once the man turned 65.”

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