Librarians on the Move

Whether they’re mentoring future mad scientists or delivering library services in a Nissan Cube, these librarians are shaking things up. From Library Journal.


Scholarly communications often involve seasoned academics, but Illinois Wesleyan University’s (IWU) Stephanie Davis-Kahl is more concerned with some less experienced scholars: students.


Over the past two years  Amy Holcomb’s Mad Scientists and Math and Science Labs programs have included deconstructing computers and creating chemical reactions with everyday items, like hot sauce packets from Taco Bell.


Not every library outreach initiative involves a traveling library housed in a souped-up Nissan Cube with more than $25,000 in audiovisual enhancements, an Xbox Kinect, a custom-built mount with a 37″ LCD screen, tower speakers, and much more. But not every librarian is Sharon “Smitty” Miller.


Caris O’Malley is the driving force behind Notes from the Underground, a concert series operated by and for teens. Its first run produced six concerts as well as 10,000 copies of a compilation CD of local teen bands that can be heard at; the series won an award from the National Association of Counties.





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