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What Trump Means for Hunger and Nutrition in New York City

How will food policies at the federal level affect the city’s most vulnerable residents, and how can the city and state respond? From City Limits.

Food insecurity affects an estimated 1.37 million New Yorkers, and about 20 percent of people who rely on soup kitchens and food pantries here are working adults. “The high cost of living and food in New York City exacerbates the conditions around the country,” says Triada Stampas, vice president for research and public affairs at the non-profit Food Bank for New York City. “A lot of job growth since the recession has been in [lower paying] service sector jobs. And the money doesn’t go as far as it would somewhere else.”


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Inside NYC’s Effort to Fight Depression After Childbirth

Perinatal depression can pose a health serious risk to pregnant women, new moms, and their babies. NYC is trying to help. From City Limits.

After her oldest son, now 16, was born, Harlem native Winter Parris couldn’t sleep. “I thought obsessively about my son’s health,” she recalls. She imagined harming herself, and felt ashamed for having these thoughts. In addition, “I was not eating, not taking care of myself.” But she told no one, wondering “if I sought help, would my child be taken away from me?”

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